Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally a Hot Weekend

Finally some hot weather and it feels like summer.  Early mornings are still very cool but by mid-afternoon, out in the sun, it's actually hot.  The house stays cool - in fact, very cool, although it's so pleasant with bright sunlight streaming through the skylights.  The (faux) Mediterranean colors I have in the kitchen look actually like true Mediterranean colors in the "true" sunlight (as opposed to the usual "water-filtered" sunlight we usually get).

The garden is doing its best to hang in there, but it seems like it needs some bolstering so I bought more flowers to beef it up.

I discovered that peacocks like to eat slug bait.  After finally finding a quite effective slug deterrent, I could not believe the peacocks would come right behind me, as soon as I had sprinkled it liberally all around the flowers, and gobbled it all up!

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