Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth of July and It's Still Cold!

But at least it's not raining! After cleaning up the thick mud that covered my porch and flooded my garage, we had enough non-rain weather to actually plant some flowers. Here's the humble beginnings of my attempt to "beautify" my frontyard. With a little luck and a little sun I'm hoping these plantings will turn into flower gardens.

Because the front of the house faces north and lots of tall trees surround the yard, sunlight is minimal. That usually limits my choices of flowers to begonias and impatiens. Luckily begonias are really beautiful and come in lovely colors. But I have longed to be able to have a little more variety, especially given the vast array of summer flowers that adorn Portland yards and gardens.

So I have ventured into a few petunias, geraniums, zinnias, and nasturtium. We'll see how long that lasts.......

Then, of course, I added some decorative features.  Maybe a few too many?

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